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Thank You, Gabriel Of Urantia!

Some of Tony’s Band Members, circa 1998

I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks to Gabriel of Urantia, aka Tony of Pittsburgh, for treating me so badly when I was a member of his cult and for making my life a living hell. If he’d been a bit nicer to me like he is to people who have a higher financial net worth, I might have gotten stuck in his soul trap longer and might even, God forbid, still be there today. Thanks for making the process of making music an anxiety-ridden nightmare and not the beautiful melding of souls that I have experienced real jam sessions to be before coming there and after leaving there. Thanks for being thoroughly nasty to me or ignoring me and for setting up an inhumane, totalitarian way of life that became impossible to tolerate.

Praise the Lord that I got out of that place and that it is far in the rearview mirror. Thank God that I wasn’t that talented at the keyboard, so it wasn’t a big deal for him to cut his losses when I stopped unquestioningly following orders. Hallelujah that I was a confused, occasionally depressed twenty-something that could be let go with no real harm to his bottom line. It’s such an enormous blessing that I didn’t have a big inheritance looming or property that I was waiting to sell so I could give the proceeds to Tony. We know Tony tries harder to hang onto his cash cows and treats them better. Looking back, it’s a good thing for my life and my oldest child’s life that they did nothing when I and others reported the questionable actions toward children of the man pictured below. Otherwise I might have stayed deceived and thought that these people actually were what they pretended to be. It didn’t turn out to be a good thing for children who stayed there and weren’t protected from this man or from any of the other predators.

Tony’s Cult, circa 1997

I am a sovereign being, living my life on this beautiful Earth. I am blessed with a fulfilling life, and have gone on to have several more beautiful children and raise them without anyone telling me what a horrible mother I was. My children are lovely, kind, and adventurous souls. Thank you, Anthony Delevin, once again, for making my life a living hell so I could get out of your deceptive soul contract and wasteland of false dreams. I reject all ties and claims you may think you have on me. You are very small in this wide universe and getting smaller all the time. Every bit of Full Moon voodoo you send my way, I send back to you times 100. See the mirror I am holding up to the ugliness in your soul, Tony of Pittsburgh. Oh Demonic One, I’m so thankful that I was never one of your favored ones.


“You will come to know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” –Jesus (John 8:32)

“This is my Declaration of Independence. I, [Your Name], void all contracts made under the person, [BIRTH NAME IN ALL CAPS], with the corporation The United States of America. I am a natural born freeman of the land. I am not a corporate fiction. I am the living soil.” Source:

Whether you have been oppressed by Tony of Pittsburgh, the government, or another abuser, You don’t have to keep being the victim. Stand your ground and live the life you were meant to live.

Question: As you watch your cult leader implode and deteriorate, how long will you wait before starting your Life?

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You Have To Forgive Yourself

After you leave the community, at some point you will start to feel guilty for the ways you participated in the exploitation and deception. You knew deep down that it was wrong, but you were afraid to leave. The worst part of you was brought out and began to dominate. You didn’t know you had that in you. You thought you were a good person.

You have to use the anguish for good. Your path is here now, and everything that happened before to get you to this point is what you have to work with going forward. You have to become the best version of the person you are in this timeline, not the person you would have been if you hadn’t chosen to dedicate x number of months or years to someone else’s dream.

When you realize the truth, you’ll start to regret the friendships, family, and relationships you lost because of your time in the community. You’ll deeply regret the weddings, funerals, and other family milestones you missed because of the travel restrictions and because you were convinced that the work you were doing was more important than your real family and friends. You might visit the gravestone of one of the friends or family that you can no longer apologize to. You’ll wonder if they still would have committed suicide if you had remained in their lives. If they died of natural causes, the stark coldness of the gravestone will remind you that you traded your last days with this loved one for an empty lie.

Experience this regret, and then use it to help others. Remember it, so that from this point forward you will never again let someone appeal to your ego and convince you that by destroying a friend you are saving the world.

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Gabriel of Urantia Is The 1%

I couldn’t believe it a few years ago when I saw that Tony (aka Gabriel of Urantia) was rallying against the 1% and pretending that he somehow was going to lead the revolution against the overseers. The man is a typical Communist dictator who preaches about injustice while setting up a society that mirrors, amplifies, and intensifies all the class divisions he is supposedly opposing.

The day it all became clear to me was the day I went from the dire poverty I was living in within the cult, where fresh fruit was a rarity and illness was punished as being unholy, to Gabriel’s house to work one day. The Perrier water he drank while others were denied dental care was shocking enough. But I never knew what they were building behind the giant fence that had been constructed. That day, I was asked to take something to Tarenta, one of the workers there. I will never forget the feeling of opening the gate and seeing an enormous gaping hole in the ground. Gabriel was having an in-ground swimming pool built! You are kidding me! We don’t have adequate health care or food, and Gabriel is eating gourmet food from the deli, fancy cheeses and meats, cases of Perrier water, and now he is using community resources to build a luxury in-ground swimming pool for himself.  What a callous, selfish, cruel human being.

Any man who could carry out such an injustice is not a real man. He is a tiny gnat, buzzing around deeper issues, but never truly being a genuine human being. I know that the members who are still there must understand this in their hearts. Dear members, you are part of the problem. You don’t get a free pass. Yes, you are victims of Tony in a sense, but …

You Know Better.  You will have to answer for every  day that you  choose to remain & support this  Injustice and Evil with your labor and energy. 

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Gabriel of Urantia and the Global Community Communications Alliance

The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude. It doesn’t matter if the slaves originally chose under false pretenses to be slaves or not. Human trafficking is illegal.

For almost three decades, an individual with the legal name Anthony Delevin and the aliases Gabriel of Sedona and Gabriel of Urantia has been separating families, defrauding individuals, and living in the lap of luxury while he leaves a trail of pain and destruction in his wake. He has enslaved hundreds of people over the years, first in Aquarian Concepts Community in Sedona and then in the newly named Tubac location Global Community Communications Alliance, when bad publicity made Aquarian Concepts unviable.

Many of his victims have been afraid to speak out. Because of the systematic program of thought reform employed by this cult, ex-members often live in fear of retaliation or just don’t have enough energy or self-worth to speak out about their horrible experiences. More information on the mechanisms of this indoctrination will follow on this website.

This pattern of silent suffering needs to end now. After years of legal bluffing and never following through with his threats, Tony has finally laid his cards on the table. He has had an ex-member accused of raping a minor and had this person arrested. So now we know for sure, and it is a matter of public record that Anthony acknowledges that his community is unsafe for children.

When a person has knowledge of a great evil or injustice, should the person remain silent, or should they share that knowledge with others, as a warning? Should other families have to suffer, because relatively little information is available about what really goes on behind closed doors at Tony’s cult? How can it be that there is so little accurate information on the Internet about this cult that has operated since the early 1990s, and that what is available is often from secondhand or thirdhand sources? You can also easily find the community members themselves publishing glowing reviews and reveries about how wonderful and glorious they themselves are. Rarely can you find the other side of the story. This needs to change.

I will be sharing more of what I know about Tony and his minions on these pages in coming weeks. I encourage those of you who are also Tony’s victims or attempted victims and family members of The Lost to share your true stories as well. You can comment here, or you could start your own blog and link to it here. We need to start centralizing the information, so that in the future people can make an informed decision before getting involved with a highly questionable, dangerous, and dubious organization. May God Hold You In The Palm Of His Hand.

Please share your true thoughts and comments below.

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Message To GCCA Members From A Friend

The Bright and Morning Star choir in Sedona

The following is quoted, with permission but anonymously, from a former associate of GCCA who has many friends remaining in the cult:

“From Rabbi Shmuley’s letter and the testimony of others, we can see that Gabriel (and the easily-angered Paladin) quite obviously are frauds. And this alone also calls into question any and all other claims made by Gabriel, including his supposed Divine Mandate and his purported continuation of the Revelation. We also see that he is NOT clairvoyant – or at least could not demonstrate this ability in the Dateline video – and also in many other instances, such as several failed predictions over the years, etc.

And to my knowledge, he has never healed anyone either (though perhaps certain members of his community attribute their good health to his “healing sperm”). As Carl Sagan once famously said “Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence”, and we still have yet to see ANY such evidence presented by Gabriel.

And while his earlier dedication to serving the homeless and comforting those in prison is certainly commendable, I’m appalled at how this once-humble and helpful ministry has now devolved into the slave encampment it is today. I must ask myself “WHY would a self-proclaimed, “higher-consciousness” being feel the need to deprive his followers of their own God-given liberty and free will to enact such rigid controls; micromanaging every single aspect of their lives? WHY must families – the most precious people in our lives for most of us – be torn apart to serve some bizarre spiritual purpose which only he can understand?” I mean, seizing everyone’s worldly possessions and parasitizing their free labor for all these years just isn’t enough for this man? And all of this to “serve God’s Perfect Will”???

At Avalon Gardens, they’ve got a farming operation all right – one where humans are farmed – first by confiscating their wealth, then denying them their freedom, their privacy, their personal sovereignty – even their own children(!) at the whim of another ordinary human being, then drained of every last drop of their life energies to suit and serve his plans without compensation.

This is exactly what totalitarian tyrants have done throughout history – creating a ruling class and a servile slave class, whom they then exploit and abuse through fraud, intimidation, coercion, and fear – backed by a nefarious and spineless administration which dares not object to the immoral policies and practices imposed on the populace they purport to represent. And this master/slave paradigm at Avalon perfectly reflects much of what we see today in corrupt governments across the world who believe that they are entitled to either grant or revoke one’s inherent, God-given Natural Law rights. The main differences I see with Avalon are that this “Divine” administration is not only much more intrusive and restrictive, but also presumes to possess a moral and spiritual superiority over their followers which justifies this extreme level of dictatorial control. Just ask yourselves: Would the Creator Himself really have it this way?

I’m sure that those members of the community whom I know and love would feel offended by what I say here – that I’ve betrayed them. But no, my friendship is always genuine and I believe that I’d be forsaking them by NOT speaking my mind on this matter. These are some very wonderful people who have allowed themselves to be conned into submission, and they deserve far better than this. 

Sorry GCCA, but I calls it like I sees it, and I am more than just a bit disgusted by what I’m hearing from so many former members. This is not “higher consciousness” spiritual living. This is mind control and slavery, pure and simple. People should never be subjected to this kind of demeaning exploitation in order to follow a spiritual path.

And though my (now former?) friends there may shun me for having dared to question the integrity of their leader, I only seek to serve truth, and I’m simply stating the obvious: that regardless of all the great work done at Avalon by people who are essentially enslaved, slavery in any form is still just plain WRONG. PERIOD. Today, the residents of Avalon Gardens – which touts itself as a model of “higher-consciousness spiritual living” to be emulated – are actually subject to a much more extreme degree of tyrannical control than can be found almost anywhere else on Earth. How many churches does anyone know of which subject their followers to the kinds of restrictions imposed there? It’s a prison of sorts – a slave camp operating under the guise of a “spiritual community”. To lure in people who merely seek spiritual growth and connection with like-minded others, then to strip them of their wealth, require them to work long days without compensation, break up couples, remove children from their parents, deny them their freedom and privacy, forbid contact with loved ones in the outside world, etc, etc, etc, is not merely WRONG, it’s EVIL. All of these things represent not spiritual progression, but spiritual SICKNESS on the part of a deranged, power-crazed leadership who would not only enact and enforce these absurd and wicked policies, but who actually view them as being right and good. And to me, higher consciousness means, among other things but first and foremost, true human freedom, which is nowhere to be found at this place. 

A lie doesn’t become truth, wrong doesn’t become right, and evil doesn’t become good just because one man says so.”

–Anonymous person who cares, May 2019

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The Negative Network Is On Your Side

What If It’s True?

If you are currently a member of GCCA, I know that Gabriel tries to make you believe that those he calls the Negative Network are somehow against you. Consider for a moment the possibility that we are the only ones who actually do care about you. What if we are former prisoners who found an exit to the prison and want to show you the way to freedom? What if you really are the involuntary targets of a malicious mind control program? Just consider for a moment that this might be true. WHAT IF IT’S TRUE?

A few excerpts from: The Illuminati Formula, Chapter 9 The Science Of Mind Manipulation by Psychological Programming

2. Isolation From The World, So That the Only Reality Is The Leader’s Reality. The Illuminati isolates the slave so new ideas are available or allowed except their cult leader’s ideas. “Whatever the Papa Bear [master] says is reality.” Each alter will only communicate with a few other alters. What this does is divide the person from their own parts. The will and mind is broken so that there is no organized resistance, nor any access to other alters who might know something. The slave will often be denied mother, grandmother, grandfather, aunts, sisters, children, grandchildren, & friends. They will be deprived of all naturally occurring relationships via the mind control. This doesn’t they mean exist in a vacuum, it means that the handlers will prevent natural relationships to develop. Isolation is very key and parts are made to feel like animals rather than people to isolate them from humanity. No ideas are allowed the slave to confront their programmer’s lies.

“4. Altered States and Hypnosis Is Used. The handlers/programmers use hypnotic techniques. They induce dissociation by songs, chanting, guilt inducing sessions, torture, isolation, as well as using songs, repeating triggers 3X, and lots of hypnosis.

“8. Critical Thinking And Disagreeing With The Leader Is Forbidden. The slave must suspend ability to think critically or disagree with leader. The slave must never question the Master (also called the handler), never get angry at the handler, or else the slave wants to be punished. The slave must always obey or pay with pain. The alters are splintered from others so can’t use their information for analysis.”

9. The slave must reorganize reality through identification with aggressor (Illuminati master). Strong identification is created with the master. The slave is programmed to protect the master.

10. Individual sees locus (location) of control with the Master and the Illuminati rather than self. Programming overrules self.

11. Black and white thinking is created by the programming.”

Maybe you really are an involuntary subject of a torturous psychological experiment. It’s hard to escape, but it can be done.

What If It’s True?

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Want To Live In A Real-Life Handmaids Tale? Join Global Community Communications Alliance.

Should the government force women to get abortions or decide when and if they should have children? Should the government choose your spouse for you? Should the government forbid homosexuality? Should you be forced to report the intimate and personal details of your private romantic life to a governmental entity? Should your counselor or psychiatrist report private details of your sessions to the head of the government? In the microcosm of society that is set up in the community of Global Community Communications Alliance, all of these atrocities and more regularly occur and have been occurring for decades.

The GCCA cult started by Tony of Pittsburgh (aka “Gabriel of Urantia”) in Tubac, Arizona, tends to attract people who may lean to the liberal side of lifestyle and politics. This is understandable since many of their marketing techniques target those who care about topics such as organic food, spiritual healing, and social justice issues. However, once you are part of the cult, the actual policies resemble those of a totalitarian dictatorship.

It seems to be underreported that homosexuality is not allowed in Tony’s cult. Since both of them are now dead, I have no qualms about discussing how two of the founding members, John and Rafeel, were a homosexual couple who were split up by Tony on the grounds that homosexuality is wrong. Are liberals considering joining the cult of GCCA aware of this?

The membership process is set up so that you may not find out about some of these things until you have already deserted your own life and livelihood and alienated your real friends and family. For example, when I joined the cult, I had been a vegetarian for 13 years. The community convinced me that this was unnecessary, and I started eating meat again. It’s just a small example of the kind of thing that may be important to you before joining, about which you will no longer have a choice if you become a member.

Should you choose your own mate, or should the government choose it for you? At GCCA, heterosexual couples have to ask for permission from Tony before they begin a relationship. Homosexual couples are banned outright and wouldn’t even ask. One time at a public meeting in 1996, Tony and his wife Nancy (aka Niann) announced what mates would be compatible for each person, even for the people who were already married to someone else. The true, devilish intent of this meeting was to publicly announce that Tony was taking on a second wife, Stacey aka Tiyiendea. It served its purpose of distracting everyone, so they weren’t as upset about Tony’s antics. See below for the first page of the handout from the meeting.

How about reproductive freedom? This is a cause that many people care about. Often, they are concerned about women being allowed to have an abortion, but how about women being forced to abort their unborn child? Is that something you would support? That’s what Tony and the other elders have done repeatedly. I personally know of at least five instances of forced abortion, and I am sure there are many more of which I am unaware. I was personally counseled in the cult by Marayeh (Linda Cunningham) that “if you get pregnant you would have to get an abortion.” There was no room for discussion or debate about what my own thoughts and feelings might be in the situation. Fortunately, I never did get pregnant while there.

A young woman tells her story at this above link of the pressure to have an abortion within the cult: “They asked me to get an abortion if I wanted to stay, that if I gave birth to a child it would be a lower order being and they were no way in hell going to help raise it.”

Sadder still, Tony doesn’t want to pay for the abortions that he requires the women to have. In one case, Tony made the father of the child get the money from his parents. Add humiliation to the mixture. It’s a common theme in the community that members have to beg for money from their outside friends and relatives for medical care and other needs, when the cult leader is worth millions. One couple from the cult set up a GoFundMe for their vasectomy reversal. The woman was a longtime loyal slave to Tony with his millions of dollars in property holdings, and yet she had to publicly beg for money to try to have a child.

I know that at least one of the women who got an abortion while I was there never did end up having a child of her own and is now past her childbearing years. I wonder how she feels about the situation now, if she regrets or resents not being allowed to become a mother, and especially not being truly allowed to make her own decision. There are more children being born now than there were when I was there, when only the elite at the top were allowed to reproduce. Still, the couples have every aspect of their lives micromanaged, and childcare decisions are never made solely by the parents, but rather for the good of the whole. Is it satisfying for the young men and women there to produce children and hand them over to the cold, impersonal State? Should the government decide who gets to have children? That’s what happens at GCCA.

Shalet, Annan, Bashaar, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (visitor), Ascendia, and VesBein in Aquarian Concepts Community (now GCCA), Christmas 1998. Three of these souls remain in the cult.

No matter what your reason for reading this blog post, I implore you to reflect honestly on what is written here. If you are a member, you know it is true and that it’s way worse than what I have stated. I have to leave out a lot of details to protect the privacy of those involved. I don’t want to tell other people’s stories before they are ready to tell their own. If you are actually on the pathway to membership in this oppressive organization, please reconsider. It’s easy to dismiss what I and others have said in opposition to Tony of Pittsburgh, because you want Gabriel’s lies to be true. It’s easier to believe that there is a solution to the world’s problems if you just sign on the dotted line. It’s the kind of temptation that has been present for all of humankind’s existence. It’s hard to acknowledge the cold hard facts and get off the road that you are on. If you want to take the hard path, let me know, and there are many kind souls available to offer friendship. Feel free to contact me at May God bless you and keep you all the days of your life.

Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here Lyrics
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Why Isn’t Phlon Allowed To Go To The Dentist?


^ Phlon, Rest In Peace (Photo by Bernd)

Does a man who has dedicated his whole life to laboring for an organization with no personal paycheck and no personal possessions deserve to have his dental care provided by that organization?  If the leader of an organization lives in the lap of luxury, should his followers be desperate for adequate, nourishing food and basic health care? It’s a tale as old as time that powerful tyrants often neglect the basic human needs of their subjects, while they themselves live in gluttony and decadence.  Tony of Pittsburgh (aka Gabriel of Urantia) is no exception.  

When I was in college at the University of Michigan, I took an excellent English course that assigned some literature to read about the Holocaust.  I remember that we had a discussion in class about if we had been Nazi soldiers, would we carry out orders as so many of them did; or would we be brave enough to risk our own lives to disobey orders that were clearly immoral? As a teenager at the time, I thought I would disobey orders.  However, in truth, when living in Tony’s cult I participated in actions that went against my conscience.  Whereas the actions were nowhere near as horrific as those committed by Nazi soldiers, the principle is the same.  To continue to participate in a society that was inherently cruel, I took questionable actions that were acceptable to and required by that society. 

Phlon was originally from Holland and then lived in Australia before moving to the cult in Arizona.  He was an extremely hard worker.  When I used to cook meals for the family of Tony of Pittsburgh, he was always there doing manual labor on the grounds: gardening, construction, repair, etc.  He always had a smile and a kind word. I hardly ever got to sing when I was there, because I was always playing the piano for the band and choir.  One time I was singing in a group for some reason, maybe Christmas carols a capella.  Phlon was standing next to me, and afterwards he said to me, “I thought it was the voice of an angel next to me!”  It stood out to me, because compliments and kind words were very rare in the community.  Usually we were just supposed to criticize, pick apart, and red-chip each other.  

When I worked in the main office, one of my jobs was to take the financial request forms that came back from “Mandate Headquarters” (Tony’s house) and call the community members to tell them whether their requests were approved or denied.  Phlon had requested to go to the dentist, and his request was denied.  Lexia had said (via Tony to Centria, then to Lexia, then to me) that unless it was an emergency or he was in extreme pain, they couldn’t approve a dental visit.  I called to tell him, and he was very upset.  He said in part, “I work so hard every day here.  I don’t understand why I can’t go to the dentist.”  It was hard for me to answer him. I didn’t have a good answer, especially since both Phlon and I worked at Tony’s house and saw the luxuries he treated himself to every day:  Fancy clothes, fancy cars, fancy food and drink.  Phlon could have gotten his teeth cleaned by Tony just abstaining from Perrier water and wine for a week or two. 

It’s one of those things that nagged at my conscience, but I didn’t leave the next day or anything.  I can say that it is one of things that eventually led to me leaving, but it was in itself enough of an injustice that if I had a better-developed conscience at the time; I should have walked away that minute.  People tell me that Tony started taking better care of people over the years.  That doesn’t impress me.  Tony only did that because some of his worse misdeeds were being brought to light by media organizations and court cases.  Tony thought he was totally justified at the time to deny an old man dental care while he himself lived like a King.  I am sure that he never apologized to Phlon before Phlon died, nor would he do so if given the opportunity today.   Tony lives as a Communist dictator.  If he has started to provide a little bit of bread and circuses to the masses over the years, it doesn’t make up for his corrupt heart.  I am heartily sorry for having helped to prop up this petty tyrant. Phlon, you did deserve to go to the dentist.  

Bread and circuses



Religious Cults, How to Find Out if You Are in One

This is an excellent description of how religious groups can use isolation, overwork, and other control tactics to thwart true spiritual growth.

A Wilderness Voice

1984 big brother The mesmerized crowd scene from the movie “1984”

“The true teacher defends his pupils against his own personal influence. He inspires self-distrust. He guides their eyes from himself to the spirit that quickens him. He will have no disciple.” — Amos Bronson Alcott, The Dial (1840)

In 1970 I had an encounter with Jesus Christ that changed my life forever. There were many young people at that same time that were touched by Him in a life changing way. Most of them had been into the hippie scene of free love, drugs, and other forms of hedonism.  Because America seemed to have no meaning for them with its constant wars, materialism and empty, cold religious systems, they went the other way. Some of them had even turned to Eastern mysticism trying to find some kind of reality in their lives.

Most of these young people, like myself, had a genuine…

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Links To Other Informative Sites




“My experience with a strange cult in Sedona, Arizona”

Order in Tubac prepares for apocalypse


Remember that Time We Almost Joined a Cult???

Conscientious Individual Regrets Giving Large Pile of Cash To Tony’s Cult! This blog post is a somewhat hilarious and also instructive account about how unsuspecting, well-intentioned folks can end up monetarily supporting Tony’s slave plantation. Airbnb users, take note!

All Options Considered

Here’s the story! We booked an Airbnb for 10 days for an important family gathering. Actually, I picked the Airbnb and booked it myself. I’m taking responsibility for this wacky situation! The plan was to gather Alison’s entire family in one place to celebrate the 80th birthday of Alison’s mom, Libby, over the Christmas holiday in 2018. At the time we were spread across four states since Alison and I had not left Seattle yet. After reviewing tons of ideas for fun destinations both inside and outside the U.S., Libby settled on Sedona for the big gathering since four out of our gang of 11 live in Arizona.

Since my big job (and passion) is to be our travel coordinator I gladly volunteered to find and book the perfect house. Sadly for me, it wasn’t that complicated. The City of Sedona is not that big! It has a population of…

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